CASH: Please email us to make an appointment.
• CHECK: Make checks payable to: Princess Manor. Mail check to: Princess Manor, 92 Nassau
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222. (Checks can take up to 10 days to receive via the post office.)
• ZELLE: If you use the application Zelle, we can send you a request using your email address
or phone number, OR you can send the payment to the following email address:
• INFO@PRINCESSMANOR.COM. In the MEMO section, please write your EVENT DATE. There
are no fees to use Zelle.
• CREDIT/ DEBIT CARD: Click the button below. Please add 3% fee to your total payment in
order to receive proper credit on your account.

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In order to expedite confirmation of your Zelle or Credit Card payment, please send us an email directly to: Please allow up to 48 hours for confirmation

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